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Absolute Action is a privately owned Limited Company based near London in South East England. It was established in 1983 and has specialised almost exclusively in the development of fibre optic technology and systems for the purposes of illumination and display. As such, it is the longest-established and most experienced company in the market today.

During the past 30 years, the Company has worked extensively with museums, art galleries and private collectors around the world. Our commitment at all times is to deliver the best solution for each application, in aesthetic and practical terms, and in particular with regard to conservation, performance, efficiency and durability.

Introducing The Academy Art Light

Drawing on our years of experience and specialist work, and combining the best in cutting edge technology and flexible design, we are delighted now to introduce The Academy Art Light. This has been specially developed to deliver the following benefits:

  • High quality lighting that properly enhances all colours
  • Light that is free from all damaging heat or ultra-violet rays
  • Long life LED lamps that require the minimum of maintenance
  • Very low power consumption
  • Sleek profile with concealed light heads
  • Wide range of size and finish options available as standard
  • Adjustable lensed heads to direct light across the whole painting
  • Flexible for reconfiguration to accommodate changing needs
  • Bespoke customisation to suit all requirements
  • Fixtures which are cool and safe to handle for custom focusing
  • Professional or Standard Range to suit all budgets

And Including:

<b>The Very Diddy Art Light

This little Picture Light head measures a mere 65mm (2 ½ ”) in length and is less than 30mm (just over 1”) wide.

It contains a single 1.8W Nichia full spectrum LED, lensed to deliver a controlled but well-distributed beam of light, with 2 beam angles being available for pre-selection as standard to suit either a landscape or portrait painting.

With detachable head and variable length arms, a truly surprising range of light coverage can be achieve. Whole canvases measuring up to 500mm x 750mm (20” x 30”) can be well lit, with minimal visual impact from the light fixture itself.

Hard coat paint finished in Classic Old Gold as standard but with other finishes available to order.