As an interactive exhibition at the University of Worcester’s City Campus, The Infirmary Museum combines history, science, art and technology and tells the medical stories of one of England’s oldest infirmaries. (The British Medical Association was founded as the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association by Sir Charles Hastings on 19 July 1832 at a meeting in the Board Room of the Worcester Infirmary!)

So, it’s a great place to be discussing developments in healthcare such as improving patient experience, which is a key aim for the NHS. But how can dining and surgery improve care? How can the restaurant and medical sectors illuminate one another’s practices? The event at The Infirmary, hopes to answer such questions and is being delivered by Imperial College Centre for Engagement and Simulations Science from University of Greenwich.

There will be two events on Thursday 14 June, 4pm and 5.30pm each lasting an hour. Participants will be immersed in the event to explore expressions of care in two different yet complementary settings, fine dining and day surgery.

Find out for yourself what the similarities and differences are and join in the discussion about learning between the professions to improve patient and customer experience, free places can be reserved here.

The event draws on observational research undertaken in surgical wards and waiting areas of NHS hospitals, and in restaurants known for their unique emphasis on diners’ experience, including Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck restaurant.

Organiser Terhi Korkiakangas of Imperial College Centre for Engagement and Simulations Science said there was a challenge to take the event on the road but would provide the opportunity to observe how different regions and audiences engage with the content.

“Simulation allows us to pilot changes and to test new approaches to healthcare before they are implemented in the real world,” said Korkiakangas. “In this specific event, we want to engage the public across the UK and seek their views on excellent care, asking whether we can we learn anything from the customer care industry to improve patient experience. Based on how people perceive excellence in care, it can be later incorporated to new training interventions in healthcare”.

We invite people with backgrounds in healthcare as well as recent users of hospitals to be present at the event, as well as regular restaurant users and those who are lucky not to have visited either venue for a long time. (The permanent exhibition is recommended for everyone aged six years old and above.)

The event will also be performed in Glasgow Science Centre, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and Royal College of Nursing in London.

Spaces are limited but free tickets are available via The Infirmary’s website or by calling Mark at 01905 542373.

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