Those who are satisfied are very likely to recommend you to others and this raises your site’s profile without having to do anything! But pleasing every single person is not easy; if you want to discover how the public rate your attraction as a whole, gathering satisfaction data is well worth doing. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages:Visitor feedback highlights areas in need of improvement

Although it’s disappointing to hear, negative feedback highlights issues which need to be addressed. By solving these problems, whether it’s shortening queue times or ensuring the restrooms are clean, you’re able to improve the visitor experience for all and maintain your well-earned reputation.

You will see real time feedback

By gathering current feedback, you can see how the public are reacting to the most current aspects of your attraction, whether you’ve recently revamped an exhibition or introduced a new restaurant menu. It is worth knowing how visitors rate all aspects of your site.

See your attraction evolve over time

By asking the same questions in your survey, you can compare data from previous years and see which aspects have made significant improvements and which areas still need more attention. By addressing problem areas, you should see a considerable improvement over time.

You’re showing visitors you care

Asking the public to fill out a survey shows you value their opinion and you’re committed to always improving their experience. People like to know their opinion counts and that you might make changes based on their feedback.

Raise a smile in the office with positive feedback

There’s nothing more rewarding than reading positive feedback from your surveys. Not only does this reaffirm you’re providing an excellent visitor experience but it’s also a great moral boost for your employees, especially if particular individuals are named for their efforts. Why not include feedback in your staff newsletters or bring it up at your next meeting? However you decide to share the good news, remember to give you and your team a well-earned pat on the back!

Creating your satisfaction survey

When visitors fill out your survey, they will be comparing their experience at your attraction against similar venues; their feedback is valuable so it is worth taking the time to carefully consider the questions. If you’re in need of some inspiration, why not put yourself in the visitor’s shoes? Try experiencing your attraction through their eyes by asking yourself questions such as: Was the car park easy to find? Were the tour guides tardy or on time for the next group of visitors? Were there adequate ramps for wheelchair users?

To help get you started, below are some examples of questions you may want to include in your own survey:

Were you happy with the queuing time for entrance tickets?

Would you say the tickets were value-for–money?

What did you enjoy most about your day and why?

What did you enjoy least about your day and why?

Would you say our site was well-equipped for disabled visitors?

How would you rate the quality of food and drink at the cafe?

How easy did you find it to navigate the site?

How could we have improved your overall experience?

It’s worth leaving space for visitors to write their own comments at the end of your survey, as it gives them the opportunity to highlight issues you may not be aware of or have even considered including in your questionnaire.

Feedback will clearly indicate how visitors have been rating your attraction over a given period of time. If you address problems raised by your visitors you should see a significant increase in your satisfaction ratings.

Good luck in creating your questionnaire! If you feel like your visitor experience is lacking – perhaps your attraction could benefit from a revamped exhibition, a fresh identity or engaging guide books and leaflets – why not get in touch today. Drop us an email at [email protected] or visit our website at

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