The fund aims to help museums to encourage resilience and environmental sustainability and is designed to complement the existing £22.7m annual investment in Major Partner Museums, the £3m a year Museum Development Fund and the £5m spent annually on Accreditation and Designation. It will focus on any gaps (geographical or otherwise) or development opportunities across the sector in museums of all sizes.

With a budget of £10m available for 2015-16 and a similar level of funding available in 2016/7 and 2017/18, projects are invited that can last up to three years.

“The new resilience fund”, says John Orna-Ornstein, “complements our existing funding for Major Partner Museums at one end of the scale and the Museum Development Fund at the other. Whilst only certain museums can become MPMs, this fund is open to everyone. This is open, accessible funding.”

With the museums sector needing to be increasingly resilient, applications to the fund will need to “anticipate and adapt to economic, environmental and social change by seizing opportunities, identifying and mitigating risks, and deploying resources effectively in order to continue delivering work in line with their mission.”

With amounts ranging £20,000 up to £300,000 available, “Most museums should find something to apply for”, says Orna-Ornstein.

How you can Apply

Applications for the first round of the Museum resilience fund must be made online via the online application portal by 5pm on 6 November 2014 .

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