The ICER Innovation Center is a museum showcasing innovation and technology in the area of iron and manufacturing in the town of Ulft, in the Netherlands. The museum, housed in what was once a deburring department, is now a highly experiential facility dedicated to increasing the understanding of the value of innovation to the world.

The center installed FST Biometrics’ IMID Access at 15 checkpoints throughout the museum. Visitors are able to register as users before they begin their museum tour, then, when they pass through the interactive checkpoints, they gain valuable information about the museum exhibit, provided to them with personalization.

The ICER Museum was investigating the possibility of utilising innovation as a demonstration of “itself,” and arrived at the doorstep of FST Biometrics for a potential solution. The challenge was to provide a biometrics-based component for the museum’s visitor experience that would be intuitive and easy-to-use for museum visitors, while also showing off how innovation can impact our lives.

“Here at the ICER Innovation Center, we want to paint an image of the world today through the art of technology. What better way than providing our visitors with a hands-on experience,” says Kees Nieuwenhuijse, interim director of ICER Innovation Center. “The interactive, In-Motion-Recognition system provided to ICER by Ensura Solutions BV, FST Biometrics regional distributor, is a perfect complement to the exhibits we have here at the innovation center. FST’s technology helps our visitors maximize their time at ICER at the pace that makes sense for them, since FST’s system is able to personalize the ICER experience for each individual.”

FST Biometrics proposed a fun, interactive concept for the ICER Museum. The company installed 15 “checkpoints” throughout the museum, where visitors can utilise FST’s IMID system to gain valuable information about the museum, provided to them with personalisation. This all takes place via the face recognition that serves as a foundation of FST’s In Motion ID technology.

Bas de Leeuw, CEO of Ensura Solutions BV, said: “The way we have used In Motion Identification at ICER is a great example of how innovative and new technology can change our lives.” During the opening in 2014, Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima were the most high-profile visitors to experience FST’s In-Motion-Identification.

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