Housing some of the world’s rarest and most valuable collections, the preservation of fragile, and often irreplaceable, artefacts often presents many storage challenges to museums and galleries worldwide. Therefore, essential that it should be both protected from environmental and human sources and readily accessible at all times

Storage specialists Lista make it their job to create effective use of limited storage areas while facilitating optimised storage and retrieval. Whether movable or stationary, the products in its range of drawer cabinets, heavy duty shelving and Storage Wall solutions have been meticulously designed to ensure careful preservation of artefacts of all kinds.

One of the most important elements of storage equipment is that all products are powder-coated so do not produce off gassing that harms artefacts, so valuable stored items will be safe for decades to come. Ultimately the storage solutions mean curators spend less time searching and can dedicate more of their time to research.

“With the storage wall system, the largest and smallest artefacts can be stored near one another in a logical, easily accessible manner,” says as spokesperson. “Unlike conventional shelving, not an inch of space is wasted. Designed and arranged for individual needs, but without the custom cost, the Storage Wall easily accommodates changes and additions. It can never be outdated providing a cost-effective solution for now and in the future. Complete Storage Wall solutions are also available on manual or electric mobile bases.”

With such a wide spectrum of small and medium sized artefacts, museums have varying needs when it comes to storage. From flatly stored artefacts to those that need to be protected from dust and light and there is an extensive range of drawer cabinets on offer that are ideal for safely storing specimens, jewellery, engravings, coins and other small artefacts.

“Lista’s modular drawer storage cabinets offer the highest density storage combined with an almost infinite variety of cabinet footprints and heights and drawer heights. The drawer cabinets are completely customisable from size to colour and from base to top. In most cases, you can put together what you need, right down to drawer organisers.”

The diversity of collections that museums store vary greatly in shape and size, and some artefacts are simply too large or too heavy to store. Depending on the shape and weight of the artefacts, Lista offers safe storage solution for these objects. It has a range of shelving options with preservation in mind and it also supplies you with a versatile design that can grow with your collection as and when you need it to.

“Heavy duty pull-out shelving Lista’s heavy duty pull-out shelving is the ideal solution for oversized and heavy artefacts. It has been specially designed to sustain heavy loads up to 1000kg and accommodate objects of different heights.”

Long span shelving and pallet racking Long span shelving is used for long objects such as rolls of fabric. The long sections are easily accessible, adjustable and have a load-bearing capacity of several hundred kilos.

For even heavier objects, pallet racks are ideal, which are versatile systems that will guarantee safe and compact storage of the heaviest objects. One solution for storing long items such as canoes, spears and pillars artworks is the cantilever shelving system, which provides a practical solution for horizontal storage of heavy and long artefacts.

Museums and galleries are entrusted with some of the world’s most valuable and rare artwork and when not on display, they have to be stored and preserved and their handling restricted as much as possible to reduce the chance of any damage.

For this picture racking is used such as pull-out picture frames, mobile picture frames and static picture frames.

For rare book storage, specially designed drawer inserts keep books completely flat and the powder coated mild steel inserts are free from any imperfections to avoid damage. Diversity in size means Lista has increased the depth of its standard Storage Wall frames to accommodate even the largest of books. Additional sliding doors keep your books dust-free and are fully lockable for added security.

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