Located just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, the Writers’ Museum is an historic gem celebrating three of Scotland’s most beloved writers – Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louise Stevenson. The Stevenson rooms are a particular favourite among visitors and not just for the collection of rare books, artworks and personal possessions on display. When you visit the Stevenson rooms you are likely to meet one of the museum’s voluntary visitor assistants a dynamic team who share an incredible knowledge and interest in all things Robert Louise Stevenson.

Their efforts to share their extensive knowledge ensures that visitors always feel welcome and leave smiling. The team understands the value of making the extra effort to enhance visitors’ experiences. It is the personal touch that makes the Museum special and there are many examples of times where they have gone the extra mile, from stepping in to lead tours when tour guides have failed to turn up to setting up a quiz for a child who had recently done a project on Treasure Island.

The volunteers make long-lasting connections which often begin in the Stevenson Rooms and have travelled around the world, participating in tours, events, dinners and celebrations. The volunteers are invaluable to the museum thanks to their dedication and outstanding customer service.

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