Questions such as, how can organisations survive and thrive in an environment of dramatic funding cuts and constant change? How is the digital revolution disrupting traditional models? And how do we engage audiences that are becoming more fragmented and discerning?

This year’s event takes place on December 3rd – 4th at Google Town Hall featuring 50 inspirational speakers from organisations such as Vice, Spotify, Google, Trip Advisor, V&A and Unilever as well as the Minister of Culture and the new Chairman of Arts Council England.

The event first took place in 2012 at Bloomberg’s European HQ in London and was accompanies by a book published by The Guardian on the key trends impacting cultural industries.

Building on the success of the inaugural event, REMIX is going global with events taking place 5 international cities over the next year including London, NYC, Sydney, Hong Kong and UAE, in partnership with the British Council.

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