The Preparing to Prosper booklet includes case studies, new insights and questions to help museum staff, trustees and volunteers think about the way they work and will be launched at three events this winter in London (December 6), Birmingham (January 17) and Edinburgh (January 30).

The new publication distils the best ideas from museums that have used the AIM Hallmarks, so that museums can put them into practice immediately to see positive results quickly and event attendees will be able to get an exclusive hard copy before it is published next year.

Each event will feature keynote speaker, Moria Sinclair, CEO of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and case studies from AIM members that have used the AIM Hallmarks of Prospering Museums to succeed. There will also be an opportunity to take part in discussions and workshops to help museums share ideas and experiences.

“These events offer the chance to hear first-hand from people who have participated in the Hallmarks programme or used them with their museum – as well as to hear from a leading thinker and funder,” said Helen Wilkinson, Assistant Director of AIM. “The workshop part of the day offers a chance that you don’t always get at big conferences to really share ideas and experiences, and to start to build networks which could support you and your museum into the future.”

Since 2015, museums across the UK have been using the AIM Hallmarks of Prospering Museums to make a big difference to their success. The AIM Hallmarks are a framework to help museums and heritage organisations throughout the UK and they identify characteristics that are typical of successful heritage organisations and enable them to prosper and thrive.

Booking is now open for the AIM Preparing to Prosper events for both AIM members and non-members. Tickets cost £25 and full information can be found at AIM Preparing to Prosper.

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