The British Council’s International Museum Academy (IMA) is designed to provide emerging museum and gallery leaders from around the world with the skills and knowledge necessary to increase the sustainability and growth of museums and galleries in their country, and the opportunity to be part of a global network of arts and museum professionals.

The IMA provides a unique learning experience with an international perspective and facilitated access to collections, expertise and innovative research.

“The UK is recognised as a global leader in museum skills and the International Museum Academy aims to make these skills available to a worldwide audience,”said Simon Dancey, Director, Cultural Skills Unit, British Council. “The Academy will also provide UK museums with a platform to build new relationships with institutions overseas and to benefit from increased international brand profile.”

This tender relates solely to the provision of the IMA for a UK organisations to deliver up to four courses for IMA UK 2016.

The four IMA UK 2016 courses are:

  • Commercial Enterprise
  • Creating Contemporary Art Exhibitions
  • Developing Digital Content
  • Audience Engagement

In August 2014 the British Council ran a successful programme with overseas participants called the Museum Training School in partnership with UCL, which comprised the following five day short courses:

  • How to build local, national and international partnerships
  • How to develop exhibitions
  • How to develop schools and learning programmes
  • How to develop community engagement programmes

Participants attended from 15 countries, including Russia, China, Brazil, Nigeria, Spain and Palestine, and awarded the course a 96% satisfaction rating.

The deadline for applications for the IMA UK 2016 is Monday 21 September and applications form and further information can be found on the British Council’s website.

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