Conor Hales and Ethan Mueller, both nine years old

Our role of the day was to be curators. Curators are important because they label artefacts and organise them. At the museum, we investigated graves and artefacts, and we also created labels for exhibits. Conor dressed up as a dead Anglo-Saxon and Ethan prayed for him and we also liked looking at all of the Anglo-Saxon objects.

What Ethan likes about museums generally is going to the gift shop. What Conor likes best about museums in general is exploring all of the artefacts and reading the explanation about the precious objects.

We think to make the Corinium Museum better they should have a room which tells you what the Anglo-Saxons lives were like that also tells you more facts and information.

We also think there should be more objects from the Stone Age, Iron Age and Ice age. We had one of the greatest times ever at the Corinium Museum on national museum takeover day.


Student Opps Grant

Ben Gray aged 10

My favourite part of the museum was learning about the Anglo-Saxon burial sites. Me and my classmates learnt lots about the Saxons and being curators.

“I loved spending the morning at the museum especially handling the Saxon artefacts!” said Aimee Walker, aged 9.

We took part in two activities, being curators and making labels for the artefacts, and investigating Saxon burials. Curators label items in the museum after selecting them. If Curators weren’t there the museum would be pointless as there would be no information about the artefacts. My favourite parts of museums are learning about the artefacts. If I could do anything to improve the Corinium Museum I’d make the exhibits larger.

Overall I think Take-Over-Day was amazing I would love to do it again!

Sean Boateng

We were curators for the morning. They find out information about the Anglo-Saxons, Romans and other things. We looked at interesting artefacts that were found in graves. The artefacts gave us clues about the Anglo-Saxons. We saw an amber necklace, silver ring and a needle.

Later after break, we went to the gallery to draw two pictures. One of the pictures was drawn in pencil and the other was drawn in charcoal. I liked looking at the artefacts because they are interesting.

I like going to Museums because they are fun and fascinating. If I could change anything in the Corinium Museum I would like to learn more about how the Anglo-Saxons cooked.

Eloise Smith and Joseph Gray, both 10

This role of curator is important to museums because they write the information about the artefacts so people know what they are and what they were used for.
We took part in two activities. The first activity was investigating artefacts from different graves and trying to discover who was buried.

Secondly, we looked around the galleries to find our favourite artefacts and write a label for it. We also had to draw a picture of our chosen artefact in pencil and then in charcoal.

The best thing about taking over the museum was learning about the Anglo Saxons. The reason we like museums is because there are lots of interesting things to learn about.

The only thing we would improve in the Corinium Museum is having more artefacts from different time periods and a new lunch area for schools visiting. We loved our visit to the Corinium Museum and we learnt a lot! Thank you so much to the Corinium Museum staff for letting us explore the Anglo-Saxon artefacts.


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What the museum said

“We find Takeover Day a valuable way of strengthening partnerships with local schools and the children always seem to thoroughly enjoy themselves. The Kids in Museums packs are worth their weight in gold! They reinforce the message that we value children and young people’s input in the museum and give the children something to take away as a reminder that they should be proud of their achievements. In all, a lovely day!” Emma Stuart, Learning Development Officer, Corinium Museum, Cirencester