The Rail Heritage Centre has been officially opened in Doncaster, located inside Danum Gallery, Library and Museum.

The centre includes the Doncaster-built Green Arrow and No. 251 locomotives, loaned from the National Railway Museum, and rail related exhibits and memorabilia from the Doncaster Grammar School Railway Collection.

This collection, started in 1948 by the school’s Railway Society, was instigated and eventually curated by Tony Peart, a student at the school who continued building up the thousands of pieces until he died in 2006.

Many of these items are on display for the very first time and will be refreshed with additional exhibits at regular intervals.

The Centre showcases the importance of the rail industry and the role Doncaster and its Plant Works have played in rail history.

The Rail Heritage Centre

Damian Allen, Chief Executive of Doncaster Council said: “It is fantastic to welcome to Danum Gallery, Library and Museum the people who have contributed to making this astounding Rail Heritage Centre possible.

“Having two locomotives back home in Doncaster where they were built, complemented by an incredible array of rail related exhibits and artefacts is just incredible. Together they showcase the golden age of steam and the vital role Doncaster played in making it happen.”

Andrew McLean, Head Curator and Assistant Director at the National Railway Museum, said: “The National Railway Museum is proud to partner with Doncaster Council to loan two of the most iconic of all Doncaster-built locomotives to add to the rail heritage centre’s rich and fascinating displays.

“By celebrating Doncaster’s important contribution to the railways, I hope future generations will be inspired to make their own mark in continuing the engineering legacy of this great town.”

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