The I Love Museums roadshow is travelling from Devon to Edinburgh, to highlight public support for our cultural institutions and asking people, ‘why do you love museums?’.

The UK’s Museums and Galleries are more popular than ever before according to ALVA visitor figures but they are also facing challenging times, which is why the I Love Museums campaign was launched in June. And with the government’s comprehensive spending review being announced on 25 November local and national governments are making tough decisions about funding the I Love Museum campaign aims to show them how much museums matter by celebrating the public support for the country’s cultural institutions.

The I Love Museums campaign is organised by the National Museum Directors’ Council, which represents the leaders of the UK’s national collections and major regional museums.

Diane Lees, Chair of the NMDC and Director-General of Imperial War Museums, said: “We know that museums are incredibly popular, as ever-increasing visitor numbers attest, and the public are our most powerful advocates. I Love Museums will enable us to measure and demonstrate the depth of that public support and show politicians and policymakers how much the UK public values our world-class museums.”

The roadshow will also visit the Imperial War Museum, London; Brighton Museum and Art Gallery; Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; Derby Museum and Art Gallery; York Castle Museum, York; Great North Museum, Newcastle, and lastly the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, on Sunday 1 November.

The roadshow will be in RAMM’s courtyard from 11am to 4pm, inviting all visitors to share their thoughts and inviting families and children to draw their favourite museum objects and colour in I Love Museums colouring sheets.

Art Fund – Going Places – Oct 2023
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