London Transport Museum
Art Today by Hans Unger. Published by London Transport, 1966. Born 1915 in Germany, died 1975. Designed posters for London Transport 1950-1974. Printed by C S and E Ltd, 1966 Format: Double royal Dimensions: Width: 656mm, Height: 1038mm Reference number: 1983/4/7603
Art Fund – Going Places – Oct 2023
London Transport Museum
Brightest London by Horace Taylor. Published by Underground Electric Railway Company Ltd, 1924. Born 1881 in London, died 1934. Designed posters for the Underground Group 1924-1926. Printed by Dangerfield Printing Company Ltd, Format: Double royal Stylistic approach: Flat colour Dimensions: Width: 622mm, Height: 1016mm Reference number: 1983/4/1745
London Transport Museum
London Transport, by Man Ray (also known by the name Emmanuel Rudnitzky). Published by London Transport, 1938. Born 1890 in Philadelphia, USA, died 1976. Designed posters for London Transport 1938. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd, Format: Double royal Stylistic influence: Surrealism Dimensions: Width: 620mm, Height: 1008mm Reference number: 1983/4/5186
London Transport Museum
Zoo, by Abram Games, 1976. Born 1914, died 1996. Designed posters for London Transport 1937-1976 Medium: Gouache Dimensions: Width: 645mm, Height: 1020mm Reference number: 1980/8
London after dark, by Fred Millett. Published by London Transport, 1968. Born 1920, died 1980. Designed posters for London Transport 1962-1968. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd, 1968. Format: Double royal. Dimensions: Width: 635mm, Height: 1016mm. Reference number: 1983/4/7645

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  • Friday 28 August 2015
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This is all in the air by Montague Black, 1926