Kids in Museums, a charity which supports museums in making them open to children, young people and families, has announced the appointment of two new Young Trustees.

Appointed are Rachel Brodie, Learning and Events Assistant at Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life, and Joe Rattray, Student and freelance museum engagement practitioner at the Tall Ship Glenlee in Glasgow.

The charity first introduced Young Trustees, who are aged 18 to 25 years old, in 2018, with the aim of including young people in its strategic decision making and future planning.

The new appointments will receive training in governance, finance and presentation skills, and will be paired with a mentor from the existing Kids in Museums Trustees.

The new Trustees will also have the opportunity to work with and consult the Kids in Museums Youth Panel (age 16-25) and will be responsible for representing their views to the Board.

Young Trustees are initially appointed for a one-year term, but there is the opportunity to extend the term of office by a future year by mutual agreement.

Vanessa Eke, Chair of Kids in Museums, said: “Young Trustees have become a key role in our organisation, helping to centre young people’s views and strengthen both our leadership and that of the wider sector. The role is also a brilliant opportunity for young people to develop skills, build confidence and grow their network.”

The charity said it hopes to encourage other heritage organisations to recruit Young Trustees at their organisation to better represent young people.

Next year it will offer programmes in England and Wales to support museums to recruit Young Trustees and make them a long-term addition to their Boards.

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