The period of recovery and adjustment following coronavirus lockdown can be utilised by museums, heritage organisations and related agencies as an opportunity to develop business, resilience and strategic skills, according to the Disability Collaborative Network and EMBED.

Honing such competencies will enable the sector to move towards more intersectional, inclusive practice and a representative workforce, says the coalition.

“This new partnership will install new learning and skills at a time where the heritage sector needs to adapt and change to the new world,” notes Becki Morris, director of Disability Collaborative Network.

“These skills will support organisations in their planning, work, and adaptation. These skills are creating key solutions from long-standing issues in representation and method which often present barriers to engagement, recruiting, and retaining talent. The sector will learn matured, inclusive skills which reflect a budget-constrained sector which supports the workforce and visitors in their changing needs and better user experiences to be intersectional inclusive”.

All training being countenanced will reflect the social model of disability, current legislation, matured models of best practice and current museum and heritage guidance. Support will be provided for all organisations regardless of size, budget or stakeholder responsibilities.

The partnership says it will be considerate of budgetary constraints in the post lockdown world, and will offer supplementary support through free of charge or low-cost podcasts and webinars during these difficult times.

Find out more about the partnership and its work here.

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