London Transport Museum has marked the opening of the capital’s new Elizabeth line with the continued tradition of products inspired by the carriage’s moquette design.

Accessories, homeware and furniture inspired by the Wallace Sewell designed purple moquette, which adorns the seats of the line’s new trains, will be stocked on location and via the museum’s website.

Alongside socks, face coverings, and bags – all made using authentic Elizabeth Line moquette – are larger items including a deckchair and made to order armchairs, sofas and footstools.

Elizabeth Line products (London Transport Museum)
Elizabeth Line products (London Transport Museum)

The museum offers 19 different patterns of the signature fabric, based on the carriages of different lines, which is produced using a weaving technique known as jacquard and is typically made of 85% wool and 15% nylon.

Its collection has over 400 samples of moquette and over 300 photographs from 1920 to the present day showing how moquette has evolved over the years.

The museum’s previous moquette facemask designs were part of Advisor’s list of the 10 of the most creative face masks from museums and heritage attractions.

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