Ewan Jenkins Year 7

St Wilfrid’s History Club took a trip to our local museum to show off our collections to other history enthusiasts. The children from other local schools bought their collections to show off as well. We were each given a thumbs up sticker to place on our favourite collection from around the museum. My favourite part of the day was being able to see so many different collection, especially ones from other countries. We took over the museum as visitors and members of the public came and complimented us on our collections.

Georgia Tully Year 9

Steph and I enjoyed showing everyone our books and seeing the other collections. When we were walking around the museum, we found some old bunk beds and lay down in them! Then the Mayor walked past and started laughing at us! It was really funny. We had a great day at the museum!

Kaan Kilictas Year 7

We all showed off our amazing collections. I went around and looked at everyone else’s collections, too. There were teddies, jewellery, football and Yu-Gi-Oh cards and many, many more – and they were just the collections from other schools! My favourite was a Minon teddy which I thought was very cute. My collection was lots of postcards which are my mam’s. They were sent to her by her uncle. Her uncle travelled around the world with the Royal Navy, so there were postcards from everywhere he went!

Victoria Kilminster Year 7

Today I came as part of St Wilfrid’s History club. It was so cool seeing all the different displays and fun treasures there. My favourite was the collection by Niamh from Hadrian Primary. My collection was a bunch of spoons which belonged to my mum and dolls which were mine when I was little. I really liked my collection, and lots of people thought it was very interesting – three people gave me a thumbs up! I was really proud of my collection and I really enjoyed myself today.

Lucy Williams Year 9

South Shields Museum hosted ‘Kids Takeover the Museum Day’ and I had so much fun! We created a display with the History Club and exhibited our book collection to the public and local primary schools. I also got to see other people’s collections and answer questions about our own. I got to meet the Mayor and his wife which was amazing! I also got to meet new people and learn about new things from people’s collections. I had a fantastic day and I would definitely come again!

Evie McCaffery Year 9

Today my schools History Club has come to South Shields Museum to take it over! We have brought in our own precious collections and we have to display our wonderful collections throughout the museum to show the primary schools from the local area and members of the public. Also, seeing other peoples collections has inspired me to keep collecting teddies. I have really enjoyed my day here at the museum. We came out as historians from St Wilfrid’s and went home as collectors.

Abbey-Leigh Burns Year 9

South Shields Museum has the best displays I have ever seen. The children takeover day was brilliant fun. We came as St Wilfrid’s High School History Club and we all took part in showing off our personal collections. My favourite part of the day was looking at all the other collections that other schools had brought with them. I had so much fun and I would love to do it again!

First we set up our collections and we were joined by other schools and visitors, who had a look at what we had to show. The mayor also came to have a look. The other schools gave us pieces of paper with a thumbs up on it if they liked our collections. One of the museum directors showed us around the new gallery. We were also able to see what the other pupils had brought and give them a thumbs up. It was a really good, exciting day and very enjoyable.

Lorne Doherty, 11, Shincliffe School
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South Shields mayor at South Shields Museums on Takeover Day 2015 part of Kids in Museums annual programme