The Museum of London has begun the two-year process of moving 10,000 objects from its former London Wall galleries to its new West Smithfield location.

The process of de-installing items began in January and will see the museum barcode, audit, digitise and pack up each of the thousands of objects individually.

Museum of London reveals closing date before relocation and name change

A prehistoric flint tranchet adze was the first item to be removed from display at the museum, following its closure at the end of 2022.

Items to be audited, digitised and packed range from small, delicate archaeological glass to the large-scale objects like the 8.5 metre high 2012 Olympic Cauldron, an ornate bronze lift originally fitted in Selfridges, and a series of replica 19th-century London shop fronts which make up the museum’s Victorian Walk.

The Museum of London in West Smithfield will host a festival curated by Londoners in 2025 ahead of opening under a new name: The London Museum, in 2026.

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