M+H Show 2017
NSC Creative dome solutions deliver the ultimate 360° immersive turn-key experiences

NSC creative – stand H2

On display at the M+H Show will be the ObserVRatarium, an interactive, room-scale VR experience that has the potential to be the virtual museum of ‘everything’ allowing the user multiple ways to engage with collections using experiential technology and storytelling. It’s aimed at museums and visitor attractions that want to experiment with the world of VR but are struggling to find appropriate educational material.

The first play mode in the ObserVRatarium is ‘manipulate and observe’, where NSC Creative put artefacts in people’s hands that are normally behind glass or out-of-reach. The ‘Investigate and Interact’ mode brings the objects to life by giving rich dynamic information. In the ‘Scale’ mode they place objects at a human scale by using 1:1 mapping. For instance, how big is a Saturn V rocket when you stand at the foot of it? Finally ‘Transport’ mode uses the experiential power of VR to create presence and transport people to thematic environments so they can see things in a real-world context such as walking on the surface of the moon.

NSC Creative dome solutions deliver the ultimate 360° immersive turn-key experiences for education, entertainment and events. Featuring cutting-edge single server systems that are compatible with all classes of projector thanks to advanced five stage auto-alignment and calibration. Media playback is supported up-to 8k 3D 60fps, all delivered via secure pay-per-view licensing technology for the ultimate programming flexibility.

A range of innovative apps deliver astronomy, sonic visualisation, presentation and gaming under the dome and high-quality negative pressure domes are available from 3m – 15m suitable for indoor and outdoor use for permanent or temporary installations.


M+H Show 2017
Qurator has just been accepted into the app store
M+H Show 2017
Qurator lists events and exhibits in museums and galleries across the UK

Fisherlabs launches Qurator app at M+H 2017 – stand  S7A

Qurator has just been accepted into the app store and is the first app from Fisherlabs available as an iPhone app (Android to follow soon). Qurator lists events and exhibits in museums and galleries across the UK and allows visitors to search for the nearest cultural attraction or event. Each venue page that’s updated by the venue’s owner is marked ‘verified’ to ensure you see the most up-to-date and trusted information. Verified owners can manage their pages from our web-based content management system.

“We’ve been working on Qurator for the past year and we’re excited to officially launch it at this year’s Museums + Heritage Show” said, Paul Freedman, Fisherlabs Co-founder and CEO.

Qurator’s event pages feature all the details required to make plans for your trip and will also tell you if the organiser is running other events too. Tell the app where you are and it will curate a list of the best things to do nearby. Add your favourite towns and venues to your activity feed and you’ll be the first to know when new events are posted.

“For anyone visiting a new city this summer, this is the perfect tool to discover new and exciting places to visit,” said Simon Kisner, Fisherlabs Co-founder and MD. “Our aim is to bring museums and galleries together making it easier for visitors to access trusted content and find new places to visit within the Qurator network.


M+H Show 2017
Genus will be showcasing the EDS Gamma manufactured by Metis

Genus – stand M4

New to the UK in late 2016, the EDS Gamma is manufactured by Metis, leaders in digital imaging who helped map the surface of the moon to aid the first satellite probes and ultimately the landings.

The Metis EDS Gamma (Easy Digital Scanner) is an innovative digitisation system which is characterised by a flexible book cradle solution, adaptable capture area and resolution.

To capture the image the EDS Gamma uses a wide range of Canon and Nikon DSLRs, meaning that the EDS Gamma offers both flexibility in terms of cost and image quality as well as the opportunity to easily update/upgrade the system as new DSLR’s become available.

The EDS Gamma integrates an innovative v-cradle design to hold the originals in any possible position or angle. It has been specifically designed by Metis to gently hold different kinds of originals in an optimal manner, even antique books with a limited opening angle. The v-cradle allows for the scanning of large books, maps, drawings and many types of originals – even larger than A1 and up to 15cm thickness.

Thanks to the Metis exclusive “shape recognition” and “curvature correction” technology, which is integrated into the EDS software, the document shape is detected in real time and the acquired image is de-skewed in a fraction of a second, delivering a perfect result.

The EDS Gamma includes four lighting lamps which can be independently adjusted by the user. The ability to customise the lighting is essential for even light distribution to optimise reflections and uniformity. Every lamp can be controlled directly from the EDS Software and according to the selected working profile (i.e. book, map, etc.).

PRONI, London Metropolitan Archives, Birmingham University and Glasgow Caledonian University are just a few of their current EDS Gamma users.


M+H Show 2017
Emma Metcalfe has recently produced a new children’s trail for Castle Howard, focussing on its Walled Garden

Emma Metcalfe Illustration – stand V14 

Emma Metcalfe designs and illustrates lively, humorous and appealing children’s trails, children’s guidebooks and illustrated maps for museums and heritage sites.

Every project is different, and an average week’s work can see her travelling back in time to Roman Britain, forwards again to the Industrial Revolution, with a brief excursion to medieval times thrown in for good measure. Then maybe she’ll be asked to illustrate the lifecycle of a butterfly!

At this year’s Museums + Heritage Show Metcalfe will showcase her brand-new family trail for The Piece Hall in Halifax, the sole survivor of the great 18th century northern cloth halls. A Woolly Welcome to The Piece Hall takes visitors back to the heyday of the Halifax wool trade, with a little help from Woolly the Sheep!

The 2017 Museums + Heritage Show will be myeighth, and the show is now a permanent fixture on the calendar. It’s an invaluable opportunity to meet up with clients old and new, and to discuss potential projects in a relaxed and informal atmosphere

Emma Metcalfe

Nature has always been one of Metcalfe’s favourite things to draw, and she has also produced a new children’s trail for Castle Howard, focussing on the Walled Garden and the plants and animals that can be found there.

The past year has been one of variety, with Metcalfe working on illustrating narrow gauge railways for AA Media, distillery maps for Whisky Magazine and writing and illustrating Monks, Mischief & Marauders!, her new children’s guidebook for Peterborough Cathedral.

Visit EM illustrations at stand V14 at the Museums + Heritage Show to see what else she’s been drawing this year.


M+H Show 2017
PEL have developed a Conservation Work Station that will be on display at the Show

PEL – preservation equipment for museums – stand G8 

After significant research, PEL have developed the Conservation Work Station which improves traditional methods of pressure sensitive tape removal and combines both a heated spatula, and a hot air pencil to provide the ultimate tool for tape removal. Operating from 30oc to 200 oc, both the heated spatula and hot air pencil can be heated to a precise temperature to suit your requirements.

There are multiple advantages in using a hot air pencil as opposed to a heated spatula when removing adhesive. Applying heat without direct contact allows access to gently work on the re-activated area of adhesive. The heated area can then be easily worked upon with a scalpel or tweezers while maintaining the required temperature. When using a spatula, direct pressure is applied to the tape, this could in some instances re-activate and adhere the carrier to the paper even more securely. The nature of using an iron to heat allows the activated adhesive to start cooling immediately once it has been removed.

The Conservation Work Station can also be used in consolidation of flaking oil paintings, indeed, it may be used in many conservation practices. A video demonstration of the Conservation Work Station can be seen at www.pel.eu and will be on display a the Show.


The Museums + Heritage Show 2017 will take place on May 17-18 at Olympia West in London. For a full listing of all the talks and times click here and to register for a free place at the Show click here.

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