History Makers will fund museums to create new exhibitions that will inspire the public through the lives and achievements of extraordinary, historical figures who have made a significant impact on the industrial, scientific, commercial or social history of the UK, shaping the world we live in today.

The programme will run over three years, awarding grants to AIM member museums of up to £75,000. It builds on the very successful collaboration between AIM and Biffa Award from 2012-2014, which saw £1.5m invested in National Heritage Landmark Projects, saving some of the UK’s most important industrial heritage.

‘History Makers’ will enable the creation of new museum displays which will connect the public with the personal stories and achievements of both famous, and less-well known, historic figures. Through their lives, a new generation will be inspired by the qualities behind their successes, such as ingenuity, bravery, persistence, endeavour, imagination and insight. Many objects and collections will be displayed publicly for the first time to illuminate these stories.

“Many History Makers’ stories are deeply connected to STEAM subjects, so the programme provides an exciting opportunity to enable museums to tell these hidden stories and inspire a new generation with the possibilities of studying and working in these areas,” said Tamalie Newbery, executive director of AIM. “Online resources at each museum site, linked through a virtual trail between the projects, will make them accessible to people all over the UK.”

The fund will place a particular focus on projects which make History Makers’ stories accessible and relevant to children and young people, whether with their families or with their schools and will link to the National Curriculum. There is a national shortage of people taking up STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics – often broadened to STEAM to include arts) identified as vital to the country’s prosperity and growth.

“We’re thrilled to support such an exciting project with a grant from the Landfill Communities Fund. History Makers, will enable people to explore the personal stories behind some of the great figures of our past, and help to bring these fascinating chapters of our social history to life!” said Gillian French; Biffa Award, Head of Grants

Applications to History Makers will open in July and the closing date for the first annual round will be 31 October 2016. In the meantime, museums with a potential project or wanting more information are invited to contact Justeen Stone, AIM’s Grants and Finance Officer, on 01584 878151 or [email protected].

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