A new Jurassic Coast museum and visitor centre could be created in Weymouth if newly proposed plans go ahead.

The plans were shared by the Jurassic Coast Trust, the charity responsible for protecting and conserving the UNESCO World Heritage status of the Jurassic Coast, which stretches across the coasts of Dorset and East Devon.

An initial feasibility study, carried out for the trust by consultancy IPW, has surfaced early plans for the creation of a museum and visitor centre.

The new attractions would be created to increase access and long-term security for fossils from the Jurassic Coast that are currently in private collections.

Last May the Jurassic Coast Trust began exploring the kind of functions a new museum and centre could fulfill. It is now looking to secure funding to complete the strategic business case.

The work is part of the wider Jurassic Coast Collection programme and was in part funded by the John Ellerman Foundation.

“If the site in Weymouth proves to be viable, then we will be seeking funding for a project team to complete master planning and implementing a fundraising strategy to secure the financing required to bring this project to life” the trust said.1

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