But first, what do you think this is?

This is an art lift, it’s wide and tall so art works can be fitted in and used in the gallery.

There are many artworks in Tate St Ives and each of them have a story behind them. We interviewed two members of staff here and asked them what their favourite artwork is. One said theirs was a moulded compost sculpture that was made from compost from a woman’s prison in Italy by Rosella Biscotti.

One member of staff said she liked it because of the interesting story behind it and how people of all ages can touch and feel it and get their own image of it. The other staff member said she liked a piece called The Eye in the Sky by Gauri Gill and Rajesh Vangad.

She liked this artwork because it not only is a photo but they have illustrated over the top as well. The illustrations cover the whole photo. Some of the drawings on it include people, birds, houses and vehicles.

The shop is a place to discover information about the artist you are interested in. Books following the stories behind the artwork give the reader an insight into the life and work of an artist. Purchasing merchandise or art allows your experience at Tate St Ives to be taken wherever you go. Purchasing post cards helps you to share your favourite pieces with family and friends. Work taken from exhibitions can be turned into anything from a print to pots, taken from our local Leach Pottery.

Thanks for reading our blog about taking over Tate St Ives. If you are interested in any of the work we would recommend paying a visit!

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