Before beginning the activity the pupils were given the roles they would be playing that morning and told how they could play these roles.

Lizzie, 11 said that she really enjoyed this part because she was intrigued about how they would do the job. Each pupil was given a clipboard with a label and a pencil. The children took over by rewriting all the labels of the artefacts using their own words to describe the features they saw with their eyes. They were given the freedom to wonder around the museum and find an object that fascinated them. People really liked this part of the visit because it allowed them to explore the museum at their own leisure and enjoy reading all the facts.

Staff of the museum were always there and ready to answer any questions the children had. Then, they sat and sketched the object. Lexi, 10 said that she really enjoyed drawing her object and found it helped her learn more about it.

Finally, having read the details of their item the children would write a descriptive label of their object. Pretending to write labels for all the objects really helped them to learn more than if you just walked quickly through the museum.

Powell's School pupils at Corinium Museum with thier Takeover Day certificates

Isabel, 9 said that she really enjoyed this visit because it allowed her to walk around and learn what fascinated her.

After all the labels and amazing drawings were collected in the children were presented with a certificate and a sticker with a leaflet explaining what they did that morning. They were told that they would be able to come and see their creations on the website or even by the artefact they drew. Over all, it was a fantastic morning and everyone was friendly and happy to talk.

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