There will be a further 28 free talks as well as a number of on stand masterclasses and demonstrations (see separate box below).

Among the top picks are:

Theatre 1 – 2.25pm – 3.05pm

GDPR, data protection and copyright for museums: what do you need to know?

Theatre 2 

10am – 10.40am

What if you could analyse all your museum data in one place?

3pm – 3.40pm

A commercial approach to VR

Theatre 3

11.40am – 12.20pm

Small can be beautiful, but how do we make it pay? Commercial development in small museums and galleries

1.30pm – 2.10pm

Provocative, disruptive and risk-taking

Theatre 4

2pm – 2.40pm

Going beyond the 3D experience – Opera: Passion, Power and Politics

3pm – 3.40pm

Joined up: effective networks for heritage volunteering

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Today's Masterclases and demonstrations

Microform Imaging – Stand D3 – 10.15am – 10.40am
See a Revolutionary Exhibition Cabinet Merging the Displayed Objects With Animations – MagicBox

Zeutschel UK – Stand D7 –  10.35am – 11am
Demo Of A New Solution that Can Digitise all Types Of Archival Medium from Books to Glass Plate Negatives Within One System – The Scan Studio

Association for Heritage Interpretation – Expert Zone X6 – 10.45am – 11.10am
Effective and Engaging Costumed Interpretation

Pufferfish – Stand K3 – 11.30am – 11.55am
Challenging Flat Technology by Opening up a World of Possibilities for Better Communication, Engagement and Interaction with the Captivating PufferSphere®

Plowden and Smith – Stand K1 – 12.10pm – 12.35pm
Meeting Demands Of Contemporary Stewardship: Complexities, Compromises, And Solutions For Displayed Objects

Covergold Limited – Stand H8 – 12.25pm – 12.50pm
Demo of a New Innovation, Contactless Scanning of Art & Fragile Material – The WideTEK® 36ART

The Whole Story – Stand B5 – 1pm – 1.25pm
Can Storytelling Create, Enhance and Develop Visitor Experience And Engagement?

Preservation Equipment – Stand M8 – 13:20pm – 13:45pm
Textile Pests: A Proactive Approach to Control

Meaco Measurement & Control Ltd – Stand K9 –  1.50pm – 2.15pm
The Evolution Of Wi-Fi Logging – No Dinosaurs Allowed!

Polstore Storage Systems – Stand W2 – 2.40pm – 3.05pm
Secure, Control and Audit Access To Your Collection

Colin Mulberg Consulting – Expert Zone X3 – 14:45pm – 15:10pm
Labelling Buildings – Turn Your Venue’s Architecture Into an Exhibit

Genus – Stand M4 – 3.20pm – 3.45pm
Versatility and The Versascan’s V3D Technology

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