Since 2011 The Happy Museum has worked in tune with current global challenges such as climate change and social justice with its motto of ‘re-imagining museums for a changing world’. In this context it believes there is a vital need to develop resilience in museums, in the individuals and communities who engage with them and in wider society as a whole.

To support these ambitious aims the organisation has drafted a five-year plan of activity, working with new and existing partners and supported by a broad base funding base. This programme is underpinned by its ongoing Story of Change, and will be adapted and refined throughout the life of the programme.


“In this first year, the Happy Museum Project is working with People United to help us to establish a structure, plans and partnerships to enable us to deliver our aims to 2020,” said Hilary Jennings Director, Happy Museum Project. “We are excited about this mutual collaboration and the possibilities of reaching and supporting museums across the country.”


  • Well-being and Sustainability are as familiar and relevant to museum thinking as Learning and Participation.
  • Through a focus on Well-being and Sustainability we will have played a key part in supporting organisational resilience in the museum sector.
  • In turn museums will have supported the development of resilience in their staff and communities and in wider society as a whole.
  • The value of culture in developing a sustainable global future will be better recognised.

The Happy Museum Five-Year Plan was launched at Manchester Museum alongside the launch of Rules for Playful Museum and has been funded by Arts Council’s Museum Resilience Fund 2015-16.

The Happy Museum Project is seeking to appoint an individual to support the communications and administrative functions of the project. More details on how to apply for this role can be found here.

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