Its new home is almost twice the size of the previous site, including expanded gallery and retail spaces, along with large garden areas. The Museum had been closed since September 2018; a decision that was taken to facilitate the relocation from the Roppongi area of Tokyo without impacting visitor experience.

In its prior location, which opened in 2016, the Museum ran five exhibitions and welcomed over 1.36 million visitors.

In a statement, the Museum said the new Minami-Machida Grandberry Park location will be “spacious, approximately double the previous Roppongi site, and full of greenery, providing more room for everyone to enjoy their time with Snoopy and the whole Peanuts Gang”.

Snoopy Museum
The Snoopy Room at the Museum's new site © Peanuts Worldwide LLC

While the work has been undertaken, the Museum has held a traveling exhibition which began in Osaka in April before heading to Nagoya. The touring show highlights the past five exhibitions from Ropppongi and includes 200 items such as original comic strips, sketches and vintage products from the Schulz Museum collection. A retail concession also accompanied the exhibition.

Snoopy Museum
The Snoopy Museum Tokyo's new gallery space © Peanuts Worldwide LLC

The Brown’s Store at the newly opened Machida site stocks original Peanuts merchandise made exclusively for the Snoopy Museum. The Museum also hosts workshop programmes enabling visitors to make their own Snoopy plush dolls.

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