Hi, we are India Lewis, Eve Wilson and Amelia Smith the students of St Ives School and today we went behind the scenes to uncover the hidden faces and inner workings of Tate St Ives, here’s what we found!

Tate St Ives accommodates for people’s different needs in many ways: enlarged text for the visually impaired, gluten free and vegan food in the cafe, touch tours and much more! One visitor told us “the gluten free cake is really good”.

Art Fund – Going Places – Oct 2023

While interviewing the security team we realised the massive amount of team spirit here, described to us by security guard Martin, as well as the interesting experiences he faced during his twelve years working here, such as being involved in the Queen’s trip here. He said: “it’s a great place to work, there’s always cake!”

We also interviewed our peers and had them give us their insights, we were all doing a variety of things such as making collages about the beauty of a woman’s body, to detailed planning a Tate Members event. When we asked them how the day was going, they all replied ‘we’re having fun’.

While walking round the gallery we found some really interesting pieces of artwork and photography, we even found a Picasso which was very exciting.

Overall, we found out so much that we didn’t know about how the Tate is run. It’s amazing to see how much effort the staff here put into making it a lovely place to be. We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and will take some time to visit Tate St Ives.

Thanks for reading.


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