Tate Liverpool is to reimagine its landmark gallery on Royal Albert Dock, with the hope to transform the welcome and usability of the building, increasing the gallery’s visibility on the waterfront and within the Albert Dock, and offering more engaging routes through the building.

The refurbishment of its gallery and public spaces is hoped to enable it to thrive for the next thirty years.

The £25m programme is hoped to reimagine and redevelop the gallery complex. Tate said it is looking to appoint a professional team to support the ambition and to bring “coherent architectural and engineering response to the needs and expectations of present-day artists and visitors”.

The project will seek to balance these needs with the heritage significance of Jesse Hartley’s 19th century Grade I listed structure and the remnants of the 1980s Stirling Wilford conversion.

Following a grant from central Government of initial funding for this project, the gallery hopes to create an environment it said will be “flexible and inviting and able to host people, art and ideas in equal part.”

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