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The #ThomasWolsey550 project is a brand new, heritage focused public engagement programme for Ipswich. We are hiring for the following hybrid roles, ideally based in East Anglia or Essex:

1. Programme Manager
2. Project Assistant
3. Education Coordinator(s)
4. Evaluation Lead

📩 For an application pack for each role, please email: [email protected]

⏰ DEADLINE for applications: Monday 6 March at midday.

Role details:

1. Programme Manager
(£2600 pcm, hours vary, more info available)

Reports to:
Project Director

Main responsibilities:

The Programme Manager will play a key role in delivering the Thomas Wolsey 550 programme, scheduled to run from March – Sept 2024. Responsible for aspects of delivery for key public events and training and management of volunteers.


2. Project Assistant
(£1200 pcm, hours vary, more info available)

Reports to:
Project Director

Main responsibilities:

Project administration, diary arrangements for project team and partner activity, assisting with some aspects of delivery for events, support for Project Director and Project Manager, and financial and marketing related administration.


3. Education Coordinator

The two main aspects of this role could be performed by one person, or two different people.

Reports to:
Project Director

Main responsibilities:

i. Schools Engagement: £3500 fee available

Responsibility for engaging primary schools and secondary schools in Ipswich before July 2023 so that the live schools programme will commence in Sept 2023. This work will include visits to schools, running meetings and workshops with teachers, and completing evaluation for this phase of work.

ii. Schools Programme Coordination: £15,000 fee available

Coordinating and managing the TW550 Schools Programme, to include planning and delivery of an online education resources pack for use by schools in Ipswich, and for future use by schools and/ or (with) museums in other locations, and workshops for schools, supported by teachers, teaching assistants, TW550 project team, and volunteers.


4. Evaluation lead – consultancy brief
£10,000 over project duration – payment schedule TBC

Suppliers will be asked to specify methodologies they plan to use in line with project information, target audiences, planned outcomes and goals which they will receive in an online information pack.

Reports to:
Project Director

Main responsibilities:

· Evaluation project lead, working closely with the Project Director
· Set evaluation framework, logic model and develop evaluation plan with team
· Coordinate data research meetings with project partners and relevant organisations to set baseline data and establish goals for wellbeing, demographic, social and education related data.
· Work with team to establish research methodologies and to design project specific research tools – surveys, interviews and workshops
· Lead on analysis of data at quarterly and final stages
· Manage coordination and delivery of quarterly and final evaluation report

Background information:

Thomas Wolsey 550 is an ambitious project of national importance which recognises and celebrates the birth of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in Ipswich 550 years ago, revealing his intended legacy for the town, and building on it for years to come.

The TW 550 project will:

• Raise the profile of Ipswich nationally and internationally
• Increase social mobility and create opportunities for young people
• Add capital, develop tourism, and advance commerce in the town centre
• Strengthen communities
• Revive our sense of place, and improve pride in place
• Increase public engagement in our heritage and in town life
• Engage locations in UK and France connected with Wolsey’s life and achievements, raising the profile of Thomas Wolsey and his birthplace, Ipswich.

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (1473-1530) rose from fairly humble beginnings in Ipswich to become the most powerful statesman in England, and King Henry VIII’s right hand man. He recognised that connecting people and places creates opportunity, underpins trade, and sustains societies.

Wolsey’s career trajectory is particularly significant for people in Ipswich today because it illustrates that anything is possible for everyone. Looking at Thomas Wolsey again through this lens helps us reconsider his relevance today, and reassess the value we place on our heritage and the place where we live.

Phase 1

• An exciting public programme will launch in March 2023 and include town centre based events and activities, digital interpretation, arts, music, talks, and online content.
• A community grants scheme will launch in April 2023, offering groups and community organisations the opportunity to apply for funding and deliver their own project within the 18-month public programme.
• Inspired by Thomas Wolsey’s desire for greater access to education, an education programme will deliver content available to all primary and secondary school pupils in Ipswich.
• Activities will take place inside and outside schools, linking the experience and learning of children and families to increased aspirations for themselves and their community.
• Careers education and skills development will be a focus of work with both primary and secondary schools, and young people both in and out of formal education.

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