Bright beginnings

The first feature I wrote for M+H will always hold a certain resonance for me. Written back in 2019 when a speedy digital shift seemed unlikely. Happier times…

Artificial Intelligence, visitor data and ethics: Debating the future of museums

Familiar focus

Having arrived in the sector after several years covering fashion and sustainability, articles about museum environmental commitments outstripping DEFRA and the Natural History Museum’s green licensing work were a natural fit.

The art of sustainability: London museums outperform DEFRA on key environmental indicator

Licensing for the planet: how Natural History Museum reaches the world with sustainable products

Taking a stand

A story we co-published with the i paper, it’s safe to say this was the most widely read article during my stint as Advisor’s editor.

The first UK museum has officially joined the Facebook boycott. Should others follow?

Museum musings

As hard as I tried it was impossible to leave out all references to the pandemic. At least this piece zeroes in on the lighter side…

Signs of the times: how museums made social distancing signage an art form

 On location

Olivia Colman. Kermit the Frog. This one has it all.

Oscar winners, observational documentaries and Netflix trends: how and why museums appear on screen

Ecclesiastical excellence

The playful, innovative exploits of the nation’s cathedrals have never failed to be a fun topic, particularly when doing research at Norwich’s helter skelter.

Cathedrals innovate once again to survive – and thrive – during lockdown

Mass migrations

International museum articles have always been thought provoking. The Louvre’s decision to escape the city for optimum storage facilities is now very much en vogue.

What’s in store? How the Louvre is reinventing conservation and storage for museums

Opposing oil

This piece seems perpetually pertinent, especially as the majority of UK museums are currently engaged on some level with the climate crisis in the run up to COP26 in Glasgow.

Ethics, economics and the environment: the arts sector remains split on BP funding

Dispensing with discrimination

A very important step forward from Arts Council England, which has hopefully removed a daunting barrier for many considering a career in the heritage sector.

Banning the box: Arts Council rewrites policies to combat ‘depressing’ criminal justice employment statistics

Art Fund – Going Places – Oct 2023
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