The Museum of Innovation exhibition at Ulster Transport Museum has announced a living STEM professional as its first ‘Innovator in Focus’.

Professor Andriana Margariti, a Professor at Queen’s University Belfast, is known for her research into the use of stem cells in supporting regenerative medicine.

The recognition was made after Professor Margariti’s team became the first in the world to establish a gene which causes cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes.

The professor joins other innovators at the exhibition including John DeLorean, who passed in 2005. The DeLorean sports car, made famous by the Back to Future franchise, was built in a bespoke Belfast factory.

All of the objects on display at the exhibition, and their inventors, have been selected for their contribution to Northern Ireland’s legacy of innovation.

Professor Margariti, who completed post-Doctoral training at King’s College London in 2008, currently works at the Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine of Queen’s University Belfast at Belfast City Hospital.

Professor Margariti said she was “honoured to be chosen”.

“I follow in the illustrious footsteps of the female pioneer, Lilian Bland, and am delighted to have my contributions to stem cell research recognised.”

“The Museum of Innovation is providing an essential platform for STEM learning, helping to inspire the field’s future leaders.”

Clare Ablett, Curator of History at National Museums NI, who curated the exhibition, added: “At National Museums NI, we aspire to enhance learning in schools and beyond and the Museum of Innovation exhibition showcases the inventions of some of Northern Ireland’s most extraordinary engineers, designers and innovators. From individuals tinkering in their garage to industry giants – all have had a role to play.

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