Laura Lott, President and CEO of the American Alliance of Museums, issued the following statement on Monday 30 January in response to the executive order:

“The American Alliance of Museums strongly believes in active participation in the global community and in welcoming international perspectives. We seek out and embrace a diversity of people and cultures to enhance our understanding of the world and to connect museums in a global context, as outlined in the Alliance’s strategic plan. This is a core value shared by many American museums and museum professionals who are actively engaged in cultural diplomacy and international research collaborations, as well as programs in our communities to support and illuminate the stories of immigrants and their valuable contributions to American culture.”

“History, art, science, and culture don’t stop at our borders, nor should the people who dedicate their lives to sharing and explaining these foundational elements of our society.  By helping us to understand this broader world, they help us to understand each other. We are gravely concerned that this executive order runs counter to these objectives.”

The Alliance said it will gather and share resources on this issue with its members and with policymakers. Museums impacted by the travel ban are encouraged to contact the Alliance by emailing [email protected].

The Association of Art Museum Directors, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year, also issue a statement on the travel ban saying it was deeply concerned

“AAMD member museums share art from across time and cultures, and convene artists, researchers, educators, students and visitors from countries around the globe. We will always welcome all people regardless of their religion or country of origin. We are deeply concerned that with the current executive order, artistic and scholarly collaborations could now be in jeopardy, just at the moment when cultural exchange and understanding are more important than ever.”

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