The Vagina Museum has met its extended crowdfunding target of £85,000, allowing it to move into a new location in the capital.

Earlier this month, the museum shared details of its potential new home in a twin pair of railway arches in East London, but warned that if it could not raise the capital necessary for the move it would cease to operate.

Yesterday evening, the £85,000 funding target was met, and donations continue today. The museum said on surpassing its target, that the funds “will go even further in helping us fit out our new home and exist whilst we do that.”

A design for the proposed new space, from the Vagina Museum's crowdfunding page

The museum described the proposed location as a space with room for three galleries, an events space and the possibility of expanding to provide a cafe.

Fundraising efforts began in April, when the Vagina Museum initially launched a £30,000 crowdfunding campaign. In five weeks, the appeal raised more than £42,000, with £31,000 from the public and just over £10,000 behind the scenes.

The museum then extended the target to £85,000, describing the appeal as a “now-or-never” situation. In seven days, 2,400 donations were made to meet the target.

The museum has previously said that it is in the process of applying for grant funding for future exhibitions and that the premises will provide a secure six year lease.

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