The successful applicants of the second and final round of ACE’s Museum Resilience Fund represented a broad range of museums and museum projects that either focused solely on individual projects to promote resilience or those that focused on a more collaborative approach involving many organisations in the sector. Here we focus on two projects that have taken the collaborative approach and are creating new ways for museums to work with volunteers and contemporary artists.

The first case study is from the company behind Volunteer Makers, Bristol-based Tickbox, who have been awarded £100,000 from the Museum Resilience Fund to deliver training, support and a national conference to support more than 300 museums in adopting a new model of management and relationship building with their volunteers.

And the second comes from Northumberland-based Arts&Heritage, whose Meeting Point project has been awarded £248,436 to continue to support small and medium scale museums in the North East and Yorkshire in working with contemporary artists to experiencing and interpret their collections in new ways that will reach new and expanded audiences.

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Inspired by Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum, musician Ziad Jabero from the Baghdaddies developed a new piece of music to celebrate the Northumbrian Bagpipes. Developed through public community engagement the new music was premiered as part of the historical Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering in April