Antenna launches unparalleled set of content packages facilitating the widest possible range of mobile visitor experiences, as well as exciting a-la-carte and bespoke content creation.

With more than 1,000 hours of unique content created each year, Antenna International has more in-house talent, resources and experience in creating interactive handheld digital experiences than any other company in the world – and it’s just got even easier for clients to enjoy the full advantage of all of this.

Antenna has taken the 16 most popular tour formats and created fully customizable products out of them: including our acclaimed Interactive Map and Skyline Tour – building on our new observatory experiences launching in the USA, Asia and The Middle East, our unique Interactive Quiz Tour, used at art museums across the world, or our beautiful Timeline Tour, which offers an innovative chronological way of experiencing a collection or historic site.

Antenna has not just created content packages for multimedia tours but has kept an equal focus on audio too. For the smaller museum, or the budget-conscious organization, the Client Script Production package takes a client’s own script and applies Antenna’s award-winning production resources to make it a world-class, but outstanding value for money production. Further packages in the audio tour production category include Classic Audio Tour, Director’s Tour, Interview Tour and Character-Led Tour.

Back in the multimedia world, Antenna has made all its key functionality available in a selection of ‘house design’ styles that provide everything a basic interactive multimedia tour requires: from language selection and audio players, to video players, splash screens and image libraries.

To complete the selection, Antenna has created more than 30 unique features, or ‘bolt-ons’ that clients can license or purchase to create their own bespoke tour functionalities. These range from content hotspots, interactive maps and varying levels of design customisation, to full social media integration and an e-commerce platform.

Jessica Taylor, Global Head of Digital Media, said at the launch: “This is the culmination of many months’ hard work across the organization. Antenna has the most experience, the widest range of resources and produces some of the best tours in the business. We hope that this new product portfolio will raise the bar in handheld digital media interpretation and will enable museums and historic sites to offer their visitors innovative ways to interact with their collections. And, of course, Antenna’s Digital Media teams will still be available to collaborate with clients who want to create something truly bespoke”.

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