Antenna has launched a new interactive multimedia guide together with the Natural History Museum. It takes visitors on a tour of the many galleries, to discover the stories and science behind some of the most intriguing specimens on display.

The Natural History Museum looks after more than 70 million specimens, both on display and behind the scenes, from rare beetles to extinct fish, Martian meteorites to the fossil bones of dinosaurs, and is one of the most visited destinations in the UK. It is also a leading research facility. More than 300 scientists work at the museum and many more visit from overseas, exploring the collections to get a greater understanding of the natural world, answering questions such as how the solar system began and how life on Earth has evolved.


Antenna has produced four multimedia tours to explore the specimens and science: adult, family, BSL and VI, each lasting around one hour. They’re rich in video, images and audio, there’s a helpful glossary and an interactive map with content hotspots that can be tapped for more information. You can also take a behind-the-scenes look at the scientific research happening at the Museum.

With information on 14 galleries and 15 key specimens, the guide contains multiple ‘layers’, both top-level and in-depth information on what to see. A special Dino Files section has been deeveloped, with key facts, slideshows and exclusive content specifically about dinosaurs.

There are so many stories to tell and these guides help to tell them in a new and imaginative way.

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