Poppyscotland commissioned Bright to develop and deliver the interior interpretation and 3D design for ‘Bud’, their new travelling exhibition which began its journey around Scotland earlier this year.

Through the interpretation and sharing of the heritage of the Poppy in Scotland, Bud has created a solid foundation upon which audiences – young and old – can build their understanding of this symbol of remembrance.

Intended to be for everyone, it visits schools, communities and events to bring people together to facilitate a shared understanding of contemporary and different perspectives on the poppy and remembrance in an increasingly multicultural Scotland.

“The idea of talking about remembrance all year round is the true purpose of Bud…demonstrated by touring Scotland all year round to keep conversations about remembrance current and engaging with new audiences,” Gordon Michie, Poppyscotland’s head of fundraising and learning, notes.

Bud provides a welcoming and inspiring space in which to learn and share, using the collection, veterans’ stories and the poppy’s history as a catalyst for conversations and activities. Importantly, it encourages visitors of all ages to explore and understand the cause of and ongoing need for the welfare services that Poppyscotland supports.

Everyone who comes on board Bud leaves with a deeper understanding of the work of Poppyscotland, an organisation that works all year round to help those who have served and those still serving.

The combination of audio-visual displays, interactives, graphic application, and archive displays within the Bud truck effectively engages the audience in the poppy’s history and its relevance today. Bright worked alongside branding consultants Ilka and vehicle manufacturers Neat to get Bud safely and effectively on the road.

Careful thought went into marrying the historical elements, such as the artefact displays, alongside the contemporary graphics and AV as it was important to engage a younger audience while equally being respectful to any historical references. This was successful through a considered palette of colours, font and style, and impactful AV content such as the kinetic typography style animations.

As with any project, Bright had constraints to work within; the exhibition was not stationary and so all elements had to be safely stored during transit, with strong and durable materials. The truck had to be accessible to all which required bespoke inclusive design, and the interpretation to be informative, engaging and thought provoking which required factual content without opinions or politics. Explaining where Poppyscotland’s funds go and who they help today was a key deliverable in the story telling.

Elements within Bud include; interviews with today’s working veterans who hand make the poppies in Edinburgh, the poppy-making machine allowing visitors to make their own poppy to take home, the talking portraits of relevant characters past and present, and the feedback wall inviting opinions and thoughts as part of the visitor experience.

“Bright’s sensitivity to the personal nature of reflection permeates the ambience of the travelling museum fit-out.  They have translated the interpretation into a vibrant, engaging, educational bespoke space,” Michie continued.

“It was a pleasure to work with the entire design team, from initial creative conversations, the whole process was collaborative and responses were swift and measured. Bright delivered detailed clever, compact and creative designs that have come to life in a flowing space that surprises but allows for learning, reflection and sharing stories.  Bright’s design means visitors can easily navigate Poppyscotland’s modern mobile museum that is accessible for all.

“Bright provided detailed, diligent and carefully considered plans that have translated into a high-quality finish using suppliers that were selected for the suitability and sustainability of materials used.  This project was planned as a unique legacy to commemorate the end of the First World War and Bright have exceeded our expectations which is reflected in wholly positive feedback from visitors.”

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