Christie’s new ‘coffee table’ style Book of Shapes showcases projects around the globe that redefine the use of display technology— in everything from museums and attractions, retail stores and corporate spaces.

Available as a free download, an interactive iPad app, PDF or hard copy, the book explores how Christie® MicroTiles® — groundbreaking, modular video building blocks — have allowed architects and designers to introduce inventive, irregular shapes into projects where video, motion graphics and interactive content are applied.

The Book of Shapes app features MicroTiles installations from around the world since the product’s launch three years ago — with visuals, embedded video and detailed narratives on how the display technology is being used. Sorted by vertical categories there is a dedicated section on Museums & Entertainment.

Several breathtaking projects around the world are featured while the portable and easily configured MicroTiles themselves have also been used extensively at temporary exhibits such as global expos, trade shows and fashion events.

With their modular design, Christie MicroTiles can be arranged into virtually any shape or scale of display wall — and later reshaped if required — providing limitless versatility. Rated for 65,000 hours or 7.5 years of continuous use, the tiles automatically self-calibrate for colour and brightness and have built-in sensors that monitor each LED’s performance.

And with robust screens that are cool to the touch and high resolution images that are crisp and clear even close up, Christie MicroTiles are perfect for interactive displays in museums and visitor attractions.

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