The award-winning Beacon family from Concord is being continuously updated with industry-leading luminaire solutions. Now Concord is pushing the boundaries of technology and is introducing the impressive Beacon XL, a spotlight with the power to provide up to 3000 fixture lumens at only 40W.

“Concord is renowned for its innovative and forward-thinking luminaires and Beacon XL fits this mould perfectly,” said Fay Berry, SBU Manager for Concord at Havells-Sylvania. “With its extraordinary lumen output and stylish design, it is easy to see why the Beacon XL is ideal for retail applications. Retailers will benefit from the energy savings LED technology provides, while also incorporating the flexibility of dimming and lowering maintenance costs compared to traditional CMI technology.

Available in black and white versions to complement the rest of the Beacon range, the Beacon XL can replace existing 35W CMI-T (HID) luminaires to provide significant energy savings. With a CRI figure of up to 97 the Beacon XL offers retail and display environments a high powered LED luminaire with great colour rendering.

The 40W luminaire has three different beam angles – a narrow beam of 12˚, a medium beam of 24˚and a wide beam of 50˚ – to provide end-users with the right lit effect for individual environments. With additional accessories in the form of elongation lens, snoot and barn doors, the luminaire can be tailored to suit all requirements.

The luminaire can be surface mounted or work in unison on a L1 or L3 track with other models in the Beacon family. The Beacon XL is also available in non-dimmable, on-board dimming and DALI dimming models.

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