The memorial chapel at Mossley Hill Church in Liverpool is benefitting from a new lighting scheme and control system designed by Cundall Light4. The scheme, which features the award-winning Concord Beacon Muse LED, offers energy-saving and aesthetic benefits which highlight the interior architecture of the historic building.

The Mossley Hill Church redevelopment has architectural elements that combine to make this chapel an exceptional space within one of Liverpool’s finest Victorian Churches. The Liverpool-based architectural practice studio:plan A designed the interior with Cundall Light4 creating a new lighting installation. The brief was to design an energy-efficient scheme that could deliver a variety of lighting scenes to suit the wide varieties church services including prayer meetings, group discussions and readings.

“Mossley Hill Church is such a poignant landmark in Liverpool, it was imperative that we perfected the lighting design in every detail,” said Andrew Bissell, Lighting Director at Manchester based Cundall Light4.

“Concord’s Beacon Muse LED was an obvious selection of luminaire for us, not only as an energy saving solution but due to the flexibility of the luminaire.

“Due to the buildings delicate architecture, we were not able to specify where the lighting would be placed before the installation. With the flexibility of Concord, this was not a problem as we could turn and adjust the fitting to guide the lighting. Other features which drew us to specifying this product included the discrete on board dimmer and 50,000 hours life at 70 per cent luminous flux.”

Concord Beacon Muse LED is creating layers of symmetrical light to rebalance the space, highlighting key architectural elements and historic features. Narrow beams from the Beacon Muse were used to direct the light towards the altar, with additional fittings directing light into the centre of the space. Beacon Muse LED uses an adjustable optic system to provide a wide flood 65˚ beam angle which can be adjusted to a 10˚ spot, without the need for additional lenses or reflectors. The spotlight offers an energy efficient lighting solution, with a considerable reduction in energy consumption over traditional light sources such as halogen.

The new lighting design uses only 319W when all the lights are on and with the selection of lighting scenes available this can fall to 220W, a saving of 54 per cent in energy, combined with a considerable saving in maintenance due to the use of LED.

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