Ziezo Marokko takes children and families on an exciting tour of discovery through Morocco.

Immediately upon entering, young visitors board a plane and during the flight heading south they are introduced to the adventures that lie ahead. Once landed, they seem to find themselves in a Moroccan medina; the theatrically laid out exhibition space has been turned into a white city comprising a labyrinth of streets and alleys, squares and vistas. Through spatial play and optical illusion using light and shadow, a seemingly endless world has been created.

Four well-known Dutch Moroccans have taken on the role of tour guide. They have each designed a guest room, in which they recount their personal experiences with the country. This is the starting point for the interactive exploration through the medina.

Like a metaphor for life itself, full of surprises and unexpected detours, colourful worlds are hidden behind each door, which contrast with the serene, white city structure. All senses are stimulated, and children can for instance cook in a fragrant Moroccan kitchen, make mosaic patterns in a riad, or go on a wild ride that takes them through Moroccan landscapes and cities.

These interactive, audiovisual experiences are combined with objects embedded in an environment full of stories. What is unique is that these objects are not only derived from the museum’s collection, but have also been collected during a special trip to Morocco. These authentic elements, which include wooden Moroccan doors and mosaic tiles, make this an extremely realistic experience.

The adventure comes to an end when children make a lip dub (a clip in which people sing along or mimic singing), which they can share via social media or with their friends and family. When they board the plane that takes them back home again they will leave with new experiences and insights.


Kossmann.dejong, exhibition architects, is an international design agency that focuses on exhibition and interior architecture. A connection between content and imagination is what characterises Kossmann.dejong’s design approach.

It manages to do this while making complex design issues accessible to a broad audience and to transform them into intrinsic experiences.

The agency combines a range of disciplines and media that enable it to tell spatial stories. Recent award-winning projects include, among others, Wonderrooms in the Municipal Museum in The Hague (NL), the National Maritime Museum in Helsingør (DK) and Micropia in Artis Natura Magistra in Amsterdam (NL).


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