At the heart of this free download are personal oral reminiscences and some of the best archive photography the region has to offer. Use this app to compare now and then. Listen to local residents’ personal stories that bring the past to life and fade old images of Derbyshire into your camera view and see how the scene has changed.

There are walking trails to unlock and nearly 200 ‘hidden gems’ to explore across the region. You’ll discover which suburb was built by a Russian wrestler, where Liquorice Allsorts were invented, how a duck made a lasting impression in a tree and why a social outcast had a hamlet named after him. Further places and trails will be added to the app throughout the 2015 Made in Derbyshire cultural celebrations, and beyond.

The app has been created by Higham-based Audio Trails Ltd who have produced location-aware apps for many high profile heritage and countryside sites across England and Wales. Dan Boys Creative Director said: “It is the result of more than 10 years of research and writing, talking and listening, and collecting and taking photographs. The app celebrates a diverse range of hidden gems across Derbyshire and the Peak District and is intended to take you to places you may not have visited before, or make you say, ‘well I never knew that’ about a place you know well.”

Ann Wright, Head of Arts for Derbyshire County Council and co-ordinator of the Made in Derbyshire campaign, said: “This app fits in perfectly with the aims of our campaign, highlighting the best that Derbyshire has to offer and showcasing the county’s people, places, products and heritage.”

If you would like to add your own stories or old photographs to the app then please get in touch. Audio Trails are especially keen to hear from oral history projects and historical societies; the app is a great way to share old photos and reminiscences with a wider audience.

The app is currently available for iOS devices on the AppStore and an Android version is planned to follow later in the year. Visit to learn more about the stories contained in this fascinating app.

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