Designed to take advantage of buildings with higher ceilings, the shelving, which can be up to 6.2m high overall, is installed complete with mezzanine flooring, staircases, and perimeter guardrails.

Available with a wide selection of accessories including drawers and both suspended and lateral filing frames as well as various types of divider, the ‘Twin Space’ shelving system is suited to many different types of location since it can be used to store an extensive variety of items ranging from to books and boxes to archives, artefacts, pictures, documents and small Items such as tapes and discs.

The electrically driven shelving units, operate smoothly with gentle movements and feature automatic aisle lighting and extensive safety features.

Ecospace offers comprehensive planning, design and installation services and further information on ‘Twin Space’ and its other systems can be obtained by contacting the company at: Forster Ecospace Ltd, Masons Gate, Townsend, Marsh Gibbon, Bicester, Oxon OX27 0EY Tel: 01869 278002; e-mail: [email protected] or visiting

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