Extensis®, a global provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions has announced it has partnered with E-Spec, digital image workflow specialists who connect Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications to key business systems. Using the Extensis Portfolio™ open API, E-Spec has integrated the latest version of Extensis Portfolio with its suite of Adobe integration tools so customers can auto-populate their Adobe InDesign® templates with images and metadata.

E-Spec’s solutions are used to create and maintain published product offerings, such as look books and catalogues. Customers use E-Spec’s Adobe Integration tools to connect their Adobe InDesign templates to business systems containing relevant content – such as images and product details – so that the information is auto-populated and kept up to date with a single click of a button. This eliminates manual processes, reducing what once took weeks to days, and eliminating costly errors.

By integrating the latest version of Extensis Portfolio into E-Spec’s suite of tools, customers can more effectively manage their digital assets in a centralised location and then easily pull this information into their Adobe InDesign templates.

“E-Spec’s tools are widely used by companies in the fashion, retail and consumer goods industries who need to publish their product offerings with frequency,” said Toby Martin, Vice President of Development and Strategy at Extensis. “These companies have a huge repository of digital content, so linking in Extensis Portfolio offers a powerful solution for both managing this content and creating a direct connection into their creative workflow via E-Spec.”

“Effective digital asset management is critical to any company that has a large collection of digital content,” said Dan Hudson, President and Founder of E-Spec. “This is especially true in the retail industry where we see customers with thousands if not millions of assets. Many are using Portfolio to manage their digital assets, so we’re excited to partner with Extensis to deliver an integrated solution.”

Customers interested in learning more about Extensis and e-Spec’s integration solution can contact Extensis by clicking here , and E-Spec by clicking here.


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