Extensis® and The International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), a global standards body of media, today announced the release of a new standard for video metadata that streamlines workflows and defines video metadata fields. The new standard is supported in Extensis’s digital asset management solution, Extensis Portfolio 2016®.

Michael Steidl, IPTC managing director, said that for many video businesses it was essential to have metadata describing what can be seen and heard in a video, administrative data such as dates and involved person, in addition to rights related information. But he also said the experience from using video standards has been confusing with Metadata for the same purpose sometime having different names.

“One standard is supporting a field for a requested use, the next one not. This does not allow for set up of identical workflows for different technical types of video resources, and raises the threat of losing metadata in a workflow,” he said. “Having Extensis’s support on the development of the Video Metadata Hub has been invaluable given their expertise with metadata and digital asset management solutions.”

Working in collaboration with associate member, Extensis, the IPTC has developed the Video Metadata Hub to solve this problem. The new standard defines for video metadata fields a name, clearly described semantics and a basic data type. And it recommends how these fields can be expressed by using different existing video standards.

Toby Martin, Vice President of Development & Strategy at Extensis notes: “The release of the new Video Metadata Hub signifies a major advancement for efficiently managing video files. Extensis’ digital asset management solution, Portfolio 2016, adds support for this new standard so organisations can take advantage of its benefits today.”

To learn more about the new standard, visit https://iptc.org/standards/video-metadata-hub/

To learn more about Extensis Portfolio 2016, visit www.extensis.com/portfolio


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