New Module for Universal Type Server delivers the precise fonts for documents in automated publishing workflows

Extensis® today launched FontLink™, a new module for the professional font management system Universal Type Server®, which delivers fonts for documents in automated publishing workflows that use Adobe® InDesign® Server.

“Having the correct fonts during the production process is critical for any InDesign Server workflow. Missing or incorrect fonts can quickly derail any automated processes and pull people away from other critical tasks,” said Toby Martin, Director of Product Development at Extensis. “FontLink solves the font management problem by delivering the precise fonts for InDesign documents before they are processed.”

Universal Type Server’s FontLink module delivers the following benefits to Adobe InDesign Server users:

  • Speeds up Document Processing: FontLink examines and gathers fonts for InDesign documents at any point before they are handed off to InDesign Server, removing manual document processing tasks for output.
  • Ensures the Correct Fonts with Font Sense: FontLink leverages Extensis’ patented Font Sense™ technology, an innovative font identification technology that ensures a smooth workflow by identifying, locating, and activating the exact fonts used in documents. During the creative process, Universal Type Server’s font auto-activation plug-ins automatically embed Font Sense metadata to identify fonts in use in InDesign documents. FontLink then collects the required fonts from Universal Type Server for output.
  • Easy Content Management System Integration: FontLink is easily integrated with most popular professional content management software solutions and fits any point prior to InDesign Server processing. Jobs are processed using straightforward input, output and error folders, ensuring the most straightforward integration.
  • Delivers Real-Time Alerts: FontLink actively monitors documents for font-related errors, relieving publishing administrators of what is currently a manual, time consuming process that can have costly implications if errors inadvertently make their way through. Administrators receive real-time alerts of any errors so the workflow can keep progressing, saving both time and money.

Extensis is also partnering industry leaders in the publishing industry, including vjoon, to integrate FontLink into its world-renowned publishing platform vjoon K4. Together, Extensis and vjoon will streamline font delivery in automated publishing.

“vjoon K4 helps media companies and corporate publishers to create content in an agile and efficient way. Our strategic partnership with Extensis will strengthen our common mission to help publishing professionals to utilise process automation and boost creativity,” adds Andreas Schrader, CEO of vjoon. “FontLink represents a significant advancement for automating font management in publishing workflows.”

More information on FontLink can be found here. The module is available in English, French, German.

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