Guide provides businesses with a framework for selecting a DAM system and best practices for implementing and maximising DAM.

Extensis has released a Digital Asset Management Best Practices Guide, designed for companies at various stages of digital asset management implementation. For companies who are considering a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, the guide lays out a framework for selecting a system, including:

  • Who to involve in identifying criteria, decision making and rollout
  • How to set up the system for success from the start
  • Steps to help develop selection criteria, including workflow discovery and infrastructure analysis
  • A framework for developing selection criteria
  • A tool for calculating ROI
  • Tips for evaluating systems
  • Insights on cloud vs on premise systems
  • Advice on selecting third party consultants

For companies who are looking to implement a DAM system, maximise their current system, or simply find more efficient ways to manage their digital assets, the guide provides companies with best practices for:

  • Defining an efficient workflow
  • Creating folder hierarchies
  • Creating and using naming conventions
  • Defining a metadata schema
  • How to approach keywords
  • And more

The guide is filled with real-world samples, with tools including an ROI Calculator and Metadata Planning Tool.

Click here to download the new DAM Practices Guide.

About Extensis’ DAM Solution: Portfolio

With the explosion of digital assets and media over the past decade, companies across the globe are facing an increasing issue with how to keep them organised, accessible and ensure everyone is using the approved versions.

Inefficiencies are growing, with companies losing time and money trying to locate files. Portfolio ensures users have immediate access to the correct files in the desired format in a central location. It is the only digital asset management solution that is affordable, simple to use, can be setup within a day, and provides everything organisations need to get started right out of the box.

As a standards-based platform that works with other systems and existing workflows, Portfolio provides a single place to for teams to locate important files with consistent metadata information using a web browser or Mac and Windows desktop applications. Portfolio is ideal for anyone with large collections of images, videos, and marketing collateral.

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