Imagine a geometric pattern of raw, red brick, made up of long straight streets of terraced houses criss-crossing each other…the whole plumped down in the middle of gently undulating green fields and cornlands…and you have a rough bird’s eye view of my home town, Wolverton”

Greta Barker, Buckinghamshire Born

A town of modest red brick terraces, Wolverton is nevertheless unique as the world’s first ‘railway town’ built by the London and Birmingham Railway Company in the 1830s to house its workshops and workers.

Welcome To…Milton Keynes

Working with Living Archive Milton Keynes and Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council, Audio Trails have developed a smartphone app powered by their Welcome To … Native app software. The MK Trails: Wolverton app guides visitors and locals around some of the landmarks and histories of Wolverton. Many of these landmarks are tied up with the history of the railways and the history of the country.

The GPS-triggered MK Trails: Wolverton iOS and Android app includes over 20 places of interest around town. Each place is accompanied by archive images and audio interviews from people who remember how the town used to be – going as far back as 1906.


There are also three town trails that have been specially researched and written for the app. These guide you around some of the quieter districts of early Wolverton and along the footsteps of the railway workers, triggering content as you pass by. A series of plaques act as visual markers on the walls of some of Wolverton’s landmark buildings.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about Audio Trails’ Welcome To … app software.

- milton_keynes_app_screenshots.jpg - Screenshots from the MK Trails: Wolverton iOS app. More trails across Milton Keynes will be added in the future.
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