The Hub, having completed a number of projects that outline the importance of the military in shaping our current and future life, felt it was important to be involved in a story that, for so long, was not told because of the consequences of those necessary action.

At all stages in their involvement in the project, The Hub worked with the team at the International Bomber Command Centre and their consultants, Place Architecture, Redman Design and Centre Screen to ensure that a high quality and sensitive experience was delivered to those that come to commemorate their family members or pay their respects to the few that gave so much for the many.

A key element for the centre is creating a fully immersive multi-sensory experience for visitors utilising media and interpretation to evoke an emotive response. Developing the main interactive table within the centre showcased The Hub’s ability to work with AV hardware and software contractors. Through design development, the table structured included five touch screens which work in conjunction with a projector above to showcase different scenes based on the user’s choices.

To maintain the project programme The Hub coordinated with the client appointed base build contractor to create a sectional handover programme allowing parallel working. By working parallel to the base build contractor, The Hub had the ability to provide information on the integrated elements such as data and electrics to ensure challenges to the design, integrating with the build, were identified early and mitigated. This level of coordination was also implemented with the centre’s architects when reviewing the design to ensure the functionality requirements were met while maintaining the vision of the aesthetic.

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